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Visit to Bugiri Mutumba.
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January 27th to 30th 2010 – Evangelistic follow at Kikandwa town of Mubende District.
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April 15th-17th Prayer Retreat-Gerenge Camp Site

April 21st-24th Mawale Prayer and Healing Conference

April 26th-29th Nakaseke Redeemed Church Prayer and Healing Conference

May 17th Buggii Exploration Mission

May 18th-22nd Kamuli Leadership Conference

June 2nd-3rd Kalir Conference

June 4th-5th Kaiti Namutumbe Conference

June 11th-12th Kyerima Leadership Conference

June 23rd-26th Luwero Door2Door Seminar

June 28th-July 11th-Mawale General Conference

July 24th-Aug 8th-Toggo Project-Bridgeway US Team

August 18th-20th Prayer Retreat

September 13th-19th Bugiri Evangelist Mission

September 22nd-24th Lugoloyire Evangelistic Follow-up

October 15th-November 15th-USA Mission
October 23-24 Bridgeway Christian Church 3735 Placer Corporate Drive Rocklin, CA. Visit for
service times.

December 16th 2010 Womens Conference-Kyerima General Misson-31st Day of Night Prayer

2009 Event Schedule
December 2009
December 9th to 13th 2009- Leadership conference at Kyerima of Kayunga District.
December 31st 2009- One day General seminar and night prayer.November
US Mission

US Mission

September 14th to 20th – Gomba Mission at Mpigi District.
September 23rd to 26th – Evangelism Follow up mission at Kyerima of Kayunga District.August

August 20th to 23rd -2009- Seminar, door to door and film at Luwero Town District.July

July 18th to 30 2009- Toggo Mission of Nakaseke District.
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June 1st to 7th 2009- Evangelism at Busana town of Kayunga District.

April 23rd to 25th 2009- Prayer retreat at Nakaseke.
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Upcoming Events and
         Missions Reports
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