Ministry Background


In 1995 Steve felt called by God to begin ministering to the villages of Uganda,
Kenya and Tanzania. After a few years of ministering, on April 3, 1997, Steve
heard a voice from God telling him
to call church elders of the world to come
together to cry to Him
. As he waited on the Lord, on April 30, 1997, Steve felt
as someone pregnant wanting to go to labor to give birth, at the same time, he
was given a book of Joel and Ezekiel 3:17, explaining all details.

On April 2, 1998 Steve received another vision and at this time three words
were written on the sky. The words were
Spiritual Weather Forecast. In the
vision, he had a voice of the Lord telling him to sit down and study His word and
teach it to His people, so that, they can know the times and seasons they are
living in.

On September 14, 1998, waiting on God, through prayer, fasting and studying
His word, God told Steve
to share this with His Elect because He wanted it to
be Inter-Christian.
The Lord then revealed to Rosette that this has to be for the
Born Again. On that day, the name Inter-Christian Born Again International
Ministries was birthed, and Pastor Steve and Rosette was released with a
blessing by their  pastor to go and fully operate in their calling.

Inter-Christian Born Again International Ministries (ICBAIM) was registered
as a non-government organization (NGO) in 2001, registered with Uganda
Revenue Authority in 2002, and became incorporated in 2003.